Monolithic reinforced concrete structure. Foundations slabs under the buildings and isolated foundations under the garage area. Concrete: B30.Steel grade: B500B (S500S).


Floor slabs: 20 cm thick.External walls: Wienerberber Porotherm `25 N+F` brickwork.
Partitions: Wienerberber Porotherm `25 N+F Light` brickwork between the flats and 12 N+F brickwork partitions between the rooms. Gypsum cardboard walls or gypsum cardboard sheeting is provided where necessary to ensure space for installations. Plastering to walls. Impact sound insulation of 4 mm thick pressed rubber fibres mat is foreseen to floors in living rooms, bedrooms and corridors. Reinforced cement and sand screeding to all floors. Total thickness of screeding and sound insulation: 5 cm. 3 cm are foreseen for the final floor finish which shall be implemented by the client.
The finish of threads and risers of stairs and tiling to landings in staircases shall be granite tiles.


Hydrogeological survey reports underground water to be encountered much deeper than the foundation level.
Nevertheless, two-layer bituminous waterproofing is provided to basement walls.